Your logo is one of the most important triggers for how people perceive your business. In a nutshell, good branding gets noticed. And a great logo can say so much about you.
Are you stylish? ornate? fashionable? funky? professional? contemporary?

All of the above can be reflected in the design of your logo but what is more important than the style of your logo, is how expressive it is in highlighting the service you supply. At Sense we understand the graphics and colours you incorporate into your logo should always give clear cues as to what your business does and how good the service is, wherever possible.

We also increase your identity by incorporating a territorial tagline. This is basically your ‘promise’ and is key to not only separating you from your competitors, but is also instrumental in marking out the territory you want your business to own.

Bringing a competitive ‘edge’ for you in the category and delivering a belief that other businesses may have only thought about but hadn’t expressed.

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